1 month ago

Some of our home rehabbers released the bobcat we took in as a small kitten tonight. Everything went great and she even posed before she ran off...

1 month ago
Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento

Thanks to our friends at Front Street!

"I'm ready for my close up!"
He tried convincing us he was just a funny looking kitten - but we weren't fooled! This awesome possum is now with our friends at Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento

1 month ago

Congratulations Patty, Peggy, Wendy, Rosel, Lorraine, Ariana, Susan,Cindy, Stephanie, Kathy, Kim, Kristin, David, Laura Jane, Marcia and all who guessed about which bird was in the trees video ...Magpies! Not a contest and no prize other than our appreciation for your sharp ears and knowledge of our regional birds. Thanks!

1 month ago

Hey! have you heard the word! We are in need of hotline volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about wildlife rehab and help people figure out what to do when they find an animal, hotline is a great fit for you!
Apply online today!

1 month ago
The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners

The Wildlife Care Annual Fall Photo contest gets underway this October. Meanwhile here’s inspiration with the 2019 Audubon Birds photo winners!

Get ready to be amazed by this year's selection of eye-popping images.

1 month ago

hurray! It's Friday! Please enjoy this photo of a grey fox kit

1 month ago
Wait...What? Can you tell what bird this is by the sound?

They were not seen in their usual flocks in the last few years but have come back again. There are about 20 in the trees but what kind of birds? Answer on Monday.

1 month ago

The heart of WCA is its volunteers. From feeding fledglings and keeping our facility tidy to home rehabbing and community education it takes a village to care for as many local wildlife as we do.

Visit the facility or our website to see how you can help!

A special shout out to a special rehabber that also heads up our community outreach. Thanks for all you do!!!

1 month ago

Oh what a season it has been! We are still receiving young songbirds and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!

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