2 weeks ago

Happy 4th of July!!

Holidays are really awesome for us but the animals still need to be cared for. If you are a trained volunteer and can help out over the weekend, we could really use your help! Log in to volgistics and sign up for open shifts! Thanks!!

2 weeks ago

It has been a while so here is a dose of cute! This Northern raccoon was orphaned after its mother was hit by a car. We are so thankful to the rescuer who got this baby to us quickly.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Apply online!

3 weeks ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

It's the little things that make life better. Like the new pathways built by our community volunteers. For our volunteers it's also giving regional wildlife a second chance to live and that's a big deal. At WCA volunteers are the heart, hands and strong backs to save wildlife and improve the home of our heroes of nature! Right now we need more nursery help in the afternoons and early evenings. If you can help let us know and we can help you find the right path!

4 weeks ago
A Windy Day Saving Wildlife!

When it gets windy in Sacramento the volunteer heroes of nature keep on keeping on to save thousands of birds and small animals no matter what the day may bring to the WCA at McClellan Park!

1 month ago
UC Davis Medical Center

We are so excited to share this story! The wonderful staff at the UC Davis Medical Center made this reunite a success!

Our four young peregrine falcons are still learning to fly. They began leaving the nest last weekend, but the early days can be challenging and exhausting. One of the falcons was found a block away from the hospital, wandering around on the street and being harassed by crows.
After being picked up by an animal control officer and spending two days with a wildlife volunteer, it made its way back to the med center’s nest thanks to Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento.

How do you get a peregrine out of a travel box? Carefully. Very carefully. Especially when mom is flying right overhead! #KeepingUpWithThePeregrines

1 month ago
Cottontail eating

This sweet Desert cottontail had a botfly larvae in its neck! The larvae was removed and it is on treatment for the open wound that was left behind. Caring for cottontails can be tricky but lucky for us it has a healthy appetite and is handling treatment well. It is nearing the end of its recovery and will be released soon!

1 month ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Case R. is a local 8 year-old boy who set up a coffee and juice stand to raise money for us! He was able to raise over $100 in just a day! Case and his younger brother also raise mealworms at home. We use those mealworms to feed our animals and we are so lucky to have kids like him that take the time to raise the mealworms for us! He is certainly going above and beyond to help save local wildlife. Thank you Case!

(Photos posted with permission from Case's mother)

1 month ago

We need your help! We are running low on paper towels at our facility! If you are interested in donating, they can be dropped of at 5211 Patrol Rd. McClellan Ca 95652 between 10am-6pm any day of the week.

Busy season hit us hard and we are in need of a few more items:
-frozen fruit (the animals love berries)
-frozen veggies (corn, peas, carrots)
-laundry detergent (unscented)

Thank you in advance! We couldn't do it without donation from amazing people like you!

1 month ago
Check out my list on Amazon

We have updated out Amazon wish list!
Right now we are in need of:
-bird nets
-kitten kibble (for our baby bird formula)
-3oz plastic cups

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