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Wildlife Care Association is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of local orphaned and injured wildlife. We are also dedicated to educating the public about local wildlife, wildlife habitats, ecology, biology and much more. We strive to foster appreciation and respect for wildlife, and for the environment that serves as home to the animals living around us.



Barn Owl | Female

Athena first came to WCA in 2011 after she started following some local homeowners around their property. Alarmed by this abnormal behavior, the homeowners brought her to WCA. It became clear to WCA staff that Athena was raised in captivity and likely escaped from her home. Because of her tameness, Athena is not releasable and now has the important job of raising all of the barn owl chicks WCA receives.


Western Screech Owl | Female

Caesar came to WCA in the early spring of 2007 as an owlet. She was originally thought to be a boy until she laid an egg in 2010. She is blind in her left eye and is not releasable.


American Crow | Female

Ivory was brought to WCA in May 2006. Her coloring is a rare mutation in birds. All-white birds rarely survive in the wild, and crows depend on their solid black coloration for night time camouflage. Ivory helps to educate the public about wild animals through her job as an ambassador for WCA.


Great Horned Owl | Female

Nala was brought to WCA approximately 13 years ago with a broken wing after she was trapped in barbed-wire fencing. She is approximately 15 years old! Nala’s wing is healed but she cannot fly, so now she has the important job of raising orphaned great horned owl chicks that are brought to WCA.


Yellow Magpie | Female

A well-meaning member of the public found Peanut as a fledgling and decided to raise her on their own. Unfortunately, this meant that Peanut was not taught the skills she would need to survive in the wild, and could not be released to live on her own, so now she is a part of WCA’s ambassador animal team.


Our experienced wildlife educators are available to provide lively and informative presentations to your school or group.

All presentations are tailored to meet your needs or curriculum, and can include:

» Age-specific activities and/or stories related to wildlife
» Identifying and appreciating wildlife in the Sacramento area
» Natural history and behavior of local wildlife
» Laws and regulations protecting wildlife and the environment
» Rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wild animals
» Volunteer opportunities with Wildlife Care Association

When appropriate, live educational animals offer an up-close view of some of the species which frequent the Sacramento Valley. We currently have programs featuring birds of prey and reptiles.

Presentations are approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and include both a talk and a question and answer session. We do not charge a fee for our programs, but we gladly accept donations of any of any amount, including materials (see our WishList for needed items). 100% of your donation goes directly to the care of local wildlife.

To inquire about an Education Presentation with the WCA Ambassador Animals, please contact us at volunteer@wildlifecareassocaition.com.