A Visit From Good Day

Dina from Good Day Sacramento visits us to find out how you can help local wildlife. Plus, a peek at one of our current residences, a Red-Tailed Hawk.
2 days ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

First baby bird of the season!!!! A baby Rock Pigeon πŸ’•

5 days ago

In case you needed a reason to smile today, here are two baby squirrels hugging!

2 weeks ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Patient(s) of the day: Anna's hummingbirds
These two babies had just hatched when they were brought in! The rescuer who watched mom build the nest and incubate the eggs had not been seen her in 24 hours so he decided to bring us the babies. We will be attempting to take them back tomorrow just in case mom is still around and the rescuer just missed her. Hopefully, we can reunite these 2 with mom but if not, then we will make sure these babies are taken care of😁

2 weeks ago

It's time for baby opossums!!!πŸ˜πŸ’•

2 weeks ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Tiny baby squirrels! How adorable is this?!

3 weeks ago
Wildlife Care Assn Needs Help Rebuilding Storm-Damaged Structures | NewsRadio KFBK | The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

Like the Big Bad Wolf, the January storm blew up our aviary flight cage. If you missed WCA sharing the disaster with Kitty O'Neal on KFBK here is your second chance to listen in!

Listen: Terri Muzik is a former WCA Board member. . The wind storm knocked over our bird enclosures last night. They need your help to raise money to rebuild the enclosures, we need a contractor or construction workers who would be willing to volunteer to rebuild.

3 weeks ago

Patient(s) of the day: Desert Cottontails
Is there anything cuter than sleepy baby rabbits?!πŸ’•

3 weeks ago
Out & About February 2021 - Inside Sacramento

An incredible Sacramento artist Stephanie Taylor created this recently installed mural on American River wildlife. Check out the Inside article or drive by and see the mural downtown. WCA also thanks Stephanie for previously creating a special design for us featuring a local favorite the Yellow Bill Magpie. Looks great on our coffee mugs!

Find out what is happening in Sacramento during the month of February!

4 weeks ago
Burger Patch

Hi WCA supporters. The Burger Patch in Sacramento is donating a portion of their sales to WCA now through February. If your hungry and want to help us out at the same time, stop by Burger Patch!

BOTH stores open today! Staring down the storm like ...πŸ¦‰
We’re also excited to select @wcasacramento for our #PatchMatch through February. A portion of all sales will be donated. Their facilities took quite a damage hit from the wind. Let’s raise some πŸ’° for the care of these animals. πŸ¦… 🦨 πŸ‡ 🐿 🦝
Thx to @kcranews for publicizing their story.

1 month ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Congratulations to WCA 2020 Fall Photo Contest Winner Jody Reese! She visited the WCA to tour the facility, meet our staff and claim her contest prizes. The Soaring Crystal Hawk, collectible wildlife special editions, a field guide and her Certificate of Excellence from volunteer Teri Muzik. Among the last to see the huge aviary flight cage prior to its destruction in the midweek storm and winds. Thanks to all who entered the 2021 entries begin in October!