5 days ago

These adorable baby Virginia opossums want to remind you to take a second and check the pouches of deceased adult opossums. The babies can be removed and dropped off to your local wildlife rehabber 🙂

Your donations go directly to helping orphaned babies just like these opossums.

1 week ago

Don't forget to save the date for Big Day of Giving! May 2nd is the day to give where your heart is!

3 weeks ago

Your donations on Big Day of Giving go directly to saving wildlife like this little mourning dove. Mark your calendars and give where your heart is on May 2nd!

4 weeks ago

Big Day of Giving is coming! mark your calendars!!!

1 month ago

Most birds won't be hatching until about April, but hummingbirds like to hatch a little earlier!

These two were removed from their nest because someone thought that the mom had abandoned them. Mom hummingbirds can feed their young and be off to find more food in the blink of an eye! These two were full of food and were very alert and healthy.

Please be sure that baby birds are abandoned before removing them from the nest, and remember that you can put them back if it's only been a day or two!

1 month ago

An update on our two baby pigeons, for those who have been following. They are fully capable of feeding themselves now (and get very excited when it's time for their food). They are now waiting until they are old enough to go into an aviary to learn how to fly before being released! Look out for future updates!

1 month ago

Check out our Amazon Wishlist! We have already started to get in some baby mammals and the thousands of baby birds will soon follow. Help us stock up and be ready!

Thank you so much for your support!

1 month ago

Mark your calendars, Big Day of Giving is on May 2nd!

1 month ago

Thanks to everyone who helped make our 2019 Nuts & Berries Fundraiser a roaring success!

1 month ago

Huge congrats to Mark Loebel of Orangevale for winning the cruise for two to Alaska. Big congrats to 37 others that won 45 other prizes collectively! Thank you to all the bought tickets to help support WCA! All winners will be listed on our website in the next few days.

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