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Patient #3000 - a House Finch!!!!
We can’t believe we are already this deep into busy season. Staff, and the limited interns and volunteers are doing a fantastic job with taking care of all of our animals through this difficult time.
Please visit our website to donate or our Amazon wishlist to support us!!

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If you are looking for ways to support WCA and wildlife, please consider donating the following items:

Items used every day:
- Fruit and vegetables (fresh or frozen): we go through bags of these every single day so we always accept donations of it. The items we use the most are fresh/frozen berries, frozen corn, fresh broccoli and grapes but we will accept all fruits/vegetables
- Eggs! - we use soo many eggs so any donations would help. If you want to be even more amazing you can hard-boiled them for us!!

Items we need more of!
- Playpens: we use these to keep our bigger birds in - you can find these on our Amazon Wishlist or you can bring us a used one that you dont need anymore
- Feather dusters: used to keep some of our animals company/warm. Also can be found on our Amazon wishlist

Thank you and enjoy these baby American Kestrals

2 weeks ago
Baby hawk eating

This baby hawk came to us with a broken wing but our staff was able to splint it and now he is on his way to recovery! Here he is enjoying a snack after receiving the medical care he needed

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Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

We raised a total of$51,410 on Big Day of Giving! A Huge thank you to everybody who donated, your support makes all of this possible.
Also thank you to everybody who has been sending us things through our Amazon Wishlist! We haven't had time to send personal thank you notes but know that we receive your donations and they are being put to good use.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping our local wildlife receive the care they deserve:)

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Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Baby raccoons! Someone left these little babies on our counter without leaving us any information so we don't know their story but at least they're safe now.

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Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

We hope you enjoyed our live feeds today, Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible.
Today you got a small glimpse of what we do at WCA. We receive over 5,000 animals every year and we dont receive any government funding. You generous donations are crucial to our organization and it is what makes all of this possible.
If you enjoyed watching the animals and you want to help us please donate at

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Wildlife Care Association

Are you ready for some baby mammals? Tune in at 4pm to see more babies and to learn more about wildlife.

Wildlife Care Association, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of local wildlife. WCA is committed to educating and instructing the community in the respect, appreciation, and care of local wildlife. WCA is pledged to the management and preservation of wildlife habitat.

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