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Even opossums love a slice of juicy watermelon on a warm summer day!

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2 days ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Swifts and Swallows look a little similar but, when you see the side by side there are a few clear differences.In these photos, the swift is on the right and the swallow is on the left. Here are the 2 main differences:
1. Swifts have very short legs so their body is closer to the ground when they are standing.
2. Swallows have shorter wings than swifts

What other differences do you see?

4 days ago

Baby Mourning doves are so cute! When they are full grown they will be able to fly up to 55 mph! We can't wait to watch them grow 🙂

6 days ago
Fledgling hummingbirds eating

Watching these babies grow up is so rewarding!

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1 week ago

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1 week ago

We hope this photo of baby desert cottontails brings you as much joy as it brings us!

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1 week ago

Can you name this species?

hint: They are one of the fastest flying birds in North America.

2 weeks ago

This year we have already received 12 California ground squirrel babies! We generally get around 5 babies of this species each year.

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2 weeks ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

This young Canada goose arrived at our facility with fishing line wrapped around its leg. It wrapped very tight but, it hadn't been there very long. Staff was able to remove the fishing line and clean out the wound right away. A few days later the goose was transferred to our friends at International Bird Rescue for continue care.
This goose was one of the lucky ones. Cases involving fishing line don't always end well.

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