A Visit From Good Day

Dina from Good Day Sacramento visits us to find out how you can help local wildlife. Plus, a peek at one of our current residences, a Red-Tailed Hawk.
18 hours ago

Patient of the day: California Scrub-jay
Is it real or fake?

1 day ago

PatientS of the day: 30+ songbirds RELEASED - California Scrub Jays, Northern Mockingbirds, American Robins, & California/Spotted Towhees.

Two of our interns assisted staff in releasing multiple species of birds today. This was their first experience with releasing animals and they agreed that it is incredibly rewarding to see the patients from start to finish and see that their hard work in taking care of these birds has paid off.

We are so thankful for our interns!! And that our success rate is high for our patients!

2 days ago
Wine Tasting Kits & Themed Virtual Tastings — Voluptuary Wine

Please Share This With Friends! Wine time! Wine and Wildlife Virtual Tasting Event is on this October 24th at 5pm live on Facebook and YouTube. You can order wine tasting kits from Voluptuary and Lucid Wines right now! They will ship direct to you. A portion of proceeds benefits the volunteer non-profit wildlife rehab group Sacramento Wildlife Care Association. The second largest rehab group in the state, for more than 45 years community volunteers have given regional wildlife a second chance to live. A second link gives each person the choice of making an additional donation to save wildlife! The wildlife around us helps balance the environment and maintain quality of life in our communities...and there is wine! Visit the link below to order your wine tasting kits or make a donation to benefit Wildlife Care Association. # #community #charity #fundraiser #environment #quality #facebook #wildlifeconservation

At-home wine tasting kits & virtual tasting video on Youtube & Facebook. 5 new wines to taste in each kit, with new themes weekly! Each kit comes with tasting notes, winemaking info, & food pairing suggestions.

2 days ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Patient of the day: Virginia opossums
Today was an opossum day and we received babies of all sizes. The tiny babies you see in the picture are only 29g!!

3 days ago

Patients of the day: American Robins

Our baby bird season is coming to an end but we still have birds in our nursery that need constant care like these two Robins who have been with us for almost 2 months!

4 days ago

Patient of the day: quiz time!!
We have posted these before so practice your identification skills.
A) Black-tailed Jackrabbit
B) Desert Cottontail

5 days ago
Photos from Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento's post

Patient of the day: Cattle Egret
Fun fact: Cattle Egrets stalk insects and other small animals on the ground in grassy fields.

1 week ago

Patient of the day: Great Blue Heron

1 week ago

Patient of the day: Lesser Goldfinch
Our patients are really good at demanding food even when they just ate!

1 week ago

Patient of the day: squirrels!
This is the second squirrel breeding season of the year so most of the animals we are receiving right now are squirrels. This includes Eastern Fox Squirrels and Western Gray Squirrels.

A huge thank you to our home rehabbers who are drowning in baby squirrels!

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