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Busy season hit us quick. We are in great need for volunteers - both returning and new volunteers ASAP!!! Please consider helping us help thousands of wild animals by signing up to volunteer at WCA. Please complete our online application and you will be contacted to set up orientation. Bring your friends! Here is the link for our online application:
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5 days ago

Hearts and brains. A great crew of volunteers led by WCA Board member Andy Taff and President Theresa Bielawski got down and a little dirty at Spruce Up Saturday. Volunteers jacked up and rolled out to move newly built squirrel cages to their permanent pad. With brains and heart this job got done! Thanks to all the Spruce UP volunteers including Alesa, Lynn, Tim, Becki, Howard, Rick and our WCA Boardmembers. Keeping the facility clean, organized and ready to meet the needs of injured, orphan and displaced wildlife requires a wide range of skills and jobs done. Thanks to the community for stepping up for wildlife!

6 days ago
When You Should—and Should Not—Rescue Baby Birds

Not all baby birds need to be rescued. Please read this article and please share.
May help you next time you see a baby bird on the ground.

It’s not uncommon to find young birds away from their nests during spring and summer. But should you help them? That depends.

1 week ago

We would like to send a big thanks to Ben & the volunteers helped him rescue these animals today. We will take good care of them!

Another busy wildlife rescue day. This morning started off with a report of a young deer that has a tomato cage stuck around its head and chest in the Pollock Pines area. Next an on-going report of a goose at Mather Lake that had fishing line entangled deeply around one of its legs. Next a report of a possibly sick sea lion at the Tower Bridge. Turtle, red fox and song bird information only calls were also placed and received today. Then towards the end of the day, I had a hang up call. I always return these type of calls just incase there was an emergency. Sure enough the caller had a wildlife situation. The report was that the homeowner knew of an active raccoon nest site on his property. However, he discovered that a suspected mother raccoon had just been hit and killed by a car in front of his house. He called Animal Control to pick up the carcass and to confirm that this was a lactating female. Sure enough it was the female and he even waited a few hours to make sure a mother ... See more

2 weeks ago

'I got you a nut!' How squirrels celebrate Mother's Day. Don't forget your Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

2 weeks ago

Grab your gloves, lace up the boots and let's get dirty! Spruce Up Saturday is May 18th 10:00am at the WCA facility. We need your good hearts and strong backs to clean and prep bird cages for the nursery, weed our Native Plant Education Demonstration garden, and help us move newly built squirrel cages to their permanent spot. There is something to be done for everybody so mark your calendar and join us! Email

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Check out my list on Amazon

Hello everyone!
Busy season is upon us and we are in need of a few things from our wishlist!
Our top priority right now is 3oz plastic cups that are used frequently in our nursery but there are a lot of items on our list that we need!

Don't forget to shop using Amazon Smile and select us at the non-profit!

3 weeks ago
Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento

Thank you to everyone that donated to WCA on BDOG! Your generous donations online totaled $25,333. Also, thank you to everyone that mailed in donations this past week, for another $13k+. We could not save so many lives if it wasn't for your generous donations. Busy season has already started! If you would like some hands-on experience, please fill out our volunteer application online.

At 3pm we will be going live to show you our aviaries!


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Thank you to everyone who donated today! We couldn't do it without you!

3 weeks ago

It's getting late and we know you are sleepy but there is still time to donate!!


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