Please consider joining Wildlife Care Association and helping support the more than 6,000 animals we take-in every year. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to helping the orphaned and injured animals brought to our organization.

Voting Membership

Voting memberships can only be obtained by individuals who have a vested interest in Wildlife Care Association. Vested interest refers to a substantial financial donation and/or substantial volunteer hours working for the organization. The WCA Bylaws, Policies, & Procedures manual define these rules.

Home Care (rehabilitation) Member

$25.00 Individual – 1 Year, 1 vote
$35.00 Family – 1 Year, 2 votes

Renewal memberships are due January 1st of each year. Members have 30 days to renew. If membership is not paid within 60 days (March 1st), they will be removed from the active rehab roster until dues are paid.

Facility Volunteer Member

$25 Individual – 1 Year, 1 vote
$35 Family – 1 Year, 2 votes

To be a voting member under Facility Member, the member must complete a Facility Volunteer application and have volunteered at least 80 hours the previous year or current year.

Committee Member

$25 Individual – 1 Year, 1 vote
$35 Family – 1 Year, 2 votes

To volunteer on a committee, a volunteer must pay membership dues and volunteer at least 20 hours per year.

Lifetime Member

Lifetime members will receive a lifetime membership card, certificate, decal, and WCA T-shirt.

Honorary Lifetime Member

$0 – Life, 1 vote

Honorary Lifetime Members are authorized by the Board of Directors. They will receive a certificate. The Board of Directors will decide whether they will be a voting or nonvoting member.

Memberships of any level may be revoked in accordance with Wildlife Care Association by-Laws.


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