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We’re Hiring an Animal Care Manager – Apply Today!

February 8, 2021 - February 8, 2022

Animal Care Responsibilities

Manage all aspects of wild patients’ progress through the rehabilitation process from admission to release at a busy urban facility (5000-7000 animals per year)

  • o   Prioritize animal care needs, delegating tasks as necessary to staff, interns and volunteers to ensure animals receive the best achievable care.
  • o   Ensure that each animal is examined and a course of treatment established, including proper diet, medications, wound treatments, or euthanasia, ensuring accurate medical records are kept on each animal.
  • o   Ensure current animals in care with medical problems have appropriate monitoring of progress and that problems that develop are evaluated and appropriately treated. This includes all animals housed at the Facility including Triage, Nursery and Aviaries as well as their time during intake and release.
  • o   Coordinate animal care with WCA’s veterinarians: identify animals requiring veterinary attention or surgery, notify vet(s) when contagious diseases are suspected or present in the facility, and implement prescribed treatment regimens for individual animals or groups.
  • o   Implement animal care directives of the Facility Veterinarian(s) as well as those coming from the Species Managers that oversee the care of certain species.
  • o   Implement all directives coming from the Facility Committee.
  • o   Facilitate prompt placement of certain species into homecare, coordinating with the Species Managers and key homecare species leads.
  • o   Network with other organizations and associations to enhance our protocols to achieve the best possible care for uncommon or difficult species.
  • o   Monitor progress of animals in outdoor caging, evaluate individuals for release after appropriate time in care, and supervise the releases for timing and appropriate locations.

Other Responsibilities

Manage aspects of animal care staff including job descriptions, goals, performance, and personnel issues.

  • o   Supervise all animal care staff members, performing recruiting, hiring (as needed and budgeted), mentoring, training and performance evaluations.
  • o   Provide leadership, training, and support to animal care staff as well as all volunteers and interns to ensure their work satisfaction, safety, morale and professional growth.
  • o   Work with the Volunteer Coordinator on intern our intern program including recruiting, onboarding and scheduling while leading their training, progression through the program and evaluation.
  • o   Troubleshoot any personnel issues that may arise in conjunction with the Facility Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • o   Communicate the animal care volunteer and intern staffing needs to the Volunteer Coordinator in advance of the need and coordinate resolution of any intern or volunteer personnel issues.
  • o   Maintain all Facility animal care protocols and support procedures throughout the year, though the bulk of the changes will be done during the slow season.
  • o   Communicate supply requirements to the appropriate person in a timely manner so that critical supplies do not run out especially during our busy season.
  • Other responsibilities indirectly related to Facility animal care
  • o   Facilitate smooth interactions between the branches of the organization including the Board of Directors, Facility Committee members, veterinarians, Volunteer Coordinator, facility interns and volunteers, homecare volunteers, hotline volunteers and intake volunteers.
  • o   Identify problems, especially when it affects the quality of animal care, with the building, equipment, aviaries, property and, to a lesser degree, homecare and contribute to the correction or solution process.
  • o   Work with the Volunteer Coordinator in facilitating and leading the presentation of skill-enhancing classes for staff, interns, volunteers and the public throughout the year.
  • o   Ensure all record keeping in WRMD program is done accurately and in a timely manner.
  • o   Communicate needs of the animal care operations to the Board of Directors when problems arise, and produce monthly oral/written status reports to Board of Directors.
  • o   Submit annual reports required by state and federal agencies WCA is permitted under.  Includes using the WRMD currently in use.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Skills Needed

  • o   Solid understanding of the possibilities and limitations of wildlife rehabilitation, and ability to make and implement appropriate triage and euthanasia decisions for birds and small mammals, and reptiles.
  • o   Familiarity with common diseases of wildlife, wildlife nutrition, natural history, and housing needs of Northern California wildlife.
  • o   Ability to triage incoming animals, large emphasis on birds, but also including small mammals, and reptiles and ability to perform wildlife first aid and train others to perform examinations and basic treatments.
  • o   Ability to interact with the public and volunteers in a professional manner that represents the values, bi-laws and licensing of WCA.
  • o   Ability to keep a cool enough head in a fast-paced, stressful situations to make effective decisions.
  • o   Ability to delegate appropriately according to the skills and abilities of staff, interns and volunteers.
  • o   Ability to share responsibilities of animal care as part of a team, so that others can grow, learn and have a rewarding experience.
  • o   Must excel and enjoy working with birds (especially passerines and Columbiformes including experience raising healthy, releasable, juvenile birds and troubleshooting problems with young chicks as they move through the weaning process.
  • o   Must excel and enjoy working with small mammal species including experience raising healthy, releasable, juvenile animals through their stages of development.  Must also work with home rehabilitation species managers to effectively care for all species.

Other Skills

  • o   Possess excellent spoken and written communication skills that result in effective communications with staff, interns, volunteers, the Board of Directors and the public.
  • o   Able to maintain enthusiasm and a professional demeanor while working under pressure.
  • o   Ability to be diplomatic, thoughtful and tactful regarding to the opinions of others.
  • o   Demonstrable ability to lead and motivate others.
  • o   Ability to spot potential problems and to either take corrective action or alert the Facility Committee and to effectively choose the appropriate direction.


  • o   At least 3 years experience in wildlife (especially avian) rehabilitation or care, including triage. IWRC coursework a plus.
  • o   At least 2 years managerial experience (including training, hiring, general supervision of volunteers and staff).
  • o   BS/BA in applicable field, RVT/CVT, or 2 to 4 years additional experience. Graduate degree and/or additional experience a bonus.
  • o   Experience working with the public and non-profit volunteer-based organizations.
  • o   Tetanus and rabies pre-exposure vaccinations a plus

Position: Full time

Compensation: Ave $17- $20/hr and negotiable based on experience.  Includes 80 hours PTO annually allowed between October and March to begin accruing after a 6-month probationary period.

$100 monthly health care stipend.

Reports to: President of WCA Board of Directors and the Facility Committee.


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    February 8, 2022
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